Scammers Are Targeting Immigrants: Here’s How to Protect Yourself and Others

Scammers Are Targeting Immigrants: Here's How to Protect Yourself and Others

Scammers are always looking for ways to take advantage of vulnerable people, including senior citizens and immigrants. Keep reading to learn how to protect yourself or other people you know from this malicious strategy.

What You Need to Know

The IRS has warned that scammers have chosen immigrants as some of their favorite victims.

According to the agency, this type of scam usually occurs with a phone call from the criminals. In these calls, scammers threaten immigrants with deportation, revocation of their driver’s license, or jail if they don’t pay a bogus tax bill.

Ignore these intimidation tactics. Don’t engage the scammers in any way, as they may try to get you to reveal personal information. Remember that the IRS will never make threats over the phone or request that a specific payment method (such as gift cards) be used to pay your taxes.

It’s worth remembering that in most occasions, when the IRS wants to contact you, they will do it by mail and not by phone.

How to Protect Yourself and Others

It bears repeating: the IRS will never make threats in their communications with you. By keeping in mind this simple rule, you will be able to prevent scammers from intimidating you and parting you with your money.

Another way to protect you is to take advantage of the multilingual resources that the IRS keeps constantly updated. The agency offers content in many languages other than English, including Spanish, Chinese simplified and traditional, Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian.

If you know someone who might be a potential victim of scammers, don’t hesitate to share this information with them. You could sabe them money and many future headaches.

Additionally, you can always turn to a tax profesional you trust when you have questions. The tax experts at JT Taxes stand ready to offer the knowledgeable assistance you need to file and pay your taxes with confidence.  

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