Missed the April 18 Tax-Filing Deadline? Here’s What You Need To Do

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April 18 was the federal tax deadline for most people in the United States. And while everyone tries their best to be accurate with their taxes, things sometimes get In the way. So what to do if you missed the tax filing deadline? Keep reading to find out. 

What To Do if You Missed the Tax-Filing Deadline

If you live in California, the first thing to do if you missed the April 18 deadline is to check if you qualify for the extended deadline granted to the victims of the storm that hit California in early 2023.

If you live or have a business in any of the designated localities, you can take advantage of an extension that gives you until October 16, 2023 to file taxes and make the related payments. This includes things like: 

  • Individual income tax returns, originally due on April 18
  • Various business returns, normally due on March 15 and April 18
  • Returns of tax-exempt organizations, normally due on May 15

For a full list of the localities that can take advantage of the extended deadline, check out the section Tax Relief in Disaster Situations on the IRS website.

Requesting a Filing Extension

If you missed the April 18 deadline to file your tax return, you can request a filing extension that will give you until October 16 to file your taxes.

Keep in mind that in order to do this you’ll need to pay all or part of your estimated income tax due indicating the payment is for an extension.

Also, remember that an extension to file is NOT an extension to pay. That’s why you are required to pay all or part of your taxes when requesting an extension. 

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