Don’t Fall for These Tax-Related Scams!

Don’t Fall for These Tax-Related Scams!

We are living months of uncertainty and stress, but that doesn’t deter fraudsters. On the contrary: they try to take advantage of unsuspecting victims using tax-related scams.

Don’t fall for these schemes. Read on to discover how you can protect yourself against these threats.

Phishing, One of the Most Common Tax-Related Scams

Be on the lookout for fake emails or websites that request personal information. Remember this simple rule: the IRS will never initiate contact by email about a tax bill, refund, or Economic Impact Payment. Another simple measure you can take to avoid fraudsters is to never click on links that supposedly come from IRS.

Fake Charities

This is an evergreen fraud scheme that has been adapted to different situations, and the ongoing pandemic is no exception. Don’t let criminals take advantage of your desire to help others. Any unsolicited contact by phone, email, text, social media, or in person should arouse your suspicions.

Phone Calls Impersonating the IRS

Threatening calls impersonating the IRS are another common tactic of criminals. The IRS will never call you threatening with jail or deportation if you don’t settle your tax bill. These supposed charges are fake, and these calls have no connection with the IRS.

Social Media Scams

Social media is one of the main vehicles of disinformation, and scammers take advantage of this fact to lure others into sharing their personal details. Don’t fall for their malicious attempts and keep in mind that criminals may try to send you malicious messages or emails impersonating people you know.

Senior citizens are using social media at an increasing rate and may be particularly vulnerable to fraudsters. If you are a senior citizen yourself, or if you know any senior citizens, on the lookout for suspect messages—they may be an attempt to steal personal information.

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