How to Check the Status of Your Tax Refund

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Tax season has begun! Some people have already filed their tax returns, and many are waiting for their refund. If you are one of them, here’s what you need to know to check the status of your refund.

How to Check the Status of Your Tax Refund

Before we dive into the details of checking the status of your refund, it’s worth remembering that tax day this year is April 18 instead of April 15. The reason is that this year the District of Columbia observes Emancipation Day on April 15, a Friday, so Tax Day is pushed to the next Monday.

Having explained that, chances are good that once you have filed your taxes, you will want to check on the status of your refund. 

Luckily, tracking your refund is easier than ever. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

  • The IRS has created the online tool Where’s My Refund to help taxpayers track their refund. You can open the tool by clicking on this link and then clicking on the button “Check My Refund Status.”
  • You  can start using Where’s My Refund within 24 hours after an e-filed return is received, or four weeks after mailing a paper return.
  • Keep in mind that most tax refunds are issued within 21 days, although this may take longer if your return requires additional review.
  • Some factors that may cause your refund to take longer than expected include errors in your return, identity theft/fraud, or the fact that many banks don’t process payments during weekends or holidays. 
  • The tool Where’s My Refund will display the progress of your refund in three phases: return received, refund approved, refund sent.
  • According to the IRS, taxpayers who claimed the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit can expect to receive their refund March 1 so long as they file their return online, choose to get their refund by direct deposit, and the IRS finds no issues with their return. 

Finally, remember that refunds can be delayed for a variety of reasons, so don’t count on them for paying bills or for making other payments that have a rigorous deadline.

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