How to Avoid Scams This Tax Season

How to Avoid Scams This Tax Season

The tax season involves gathering and organizing documents, double-checking information, but also avoiding scammers because they never take a day off.

Below you will find the most common types of scams, along with tips on how to protect yourself against them.

“Phishing” Scams by Email

“Phishing” occurs when cybercriminals send emails impersonating the IRS or other trustworthy organization to lure you into providing them with your personal information.

Remember, in some special occasions the IRS may call you or come to your home or business. However, the agency does not initiate contact by email to request personal or financial information.

If you receive an email that you suspect is a “phishing” attempt, don’t reply, don’t open any attached file, and don’t click on any link. You should report “phishing” attempts related to the IRS, the Treasury Department, or taxes to the email address

Telephone Scams

It’s important to pay close attention to telephone scams because criminals can spoof numbers belonging to the IRS or local agencies in order to appear more convincing.

When criminals contact you by phone, they usually resort to threats to force you to pay a fake tax bill. These are some facts worth keeping in mind:

  • The IRS does not leave pre-recorderd messages with threats.
  • The agency does not threaten to deport you or to bring the police immediately if you don’t pay.  
  • The IRS will not call you to force you to pay a supposed tax bill with prepaid cards, gift cards, or wire transfers.
  • The IRS does not ask for checks to third parties.
  • With the IRS, you can question or appeal the amount you owe.

If you detect this type of scam, report it to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, to the  Federal Trade Commission, and to the IRS using the emal, making sure to include in the subject line the words “IRS phone scam”.

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