How Long Will It Take for the IRS to Process My Amended Return?

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If you had to amend your tax return, chances are that you are wondering how long it will take for the IRS to process it. Well, wonder no more, because in today’s post we give you the inside scoop on this useful tax topic.

What Is an Amended Return?

First, let’s understand what an amended return is and why you might need to amend your tax return in the first place. 

Simply put, an amended return is a tax return you file to correct errors in a previously filed tax return. 

Some common reasons to amend your return include mistakes in reporting your income, or inaccuracies in deductions, credits, or filing status. 

How Long Will It Take for the IRS to Process My Amended Return?

The duration of time it takes for the IRS to process your amended return and issue depends on several factors. 

For example, the previous estimated time to process an amended return was 16 weeks. However, under the current circumstances, the IRS estimates that it takes more than 20 weeks to process an amended return, regardless of whether you file electronically or on paper.

The reason is that, according to the agency’s information, the IRS has 1.43 million unprocessed 1040-X Forms which are being processed in the order they were received.

We know: 20 weeks is a long time. However, you can check the status of your amended return using the tool Where’s My Amended Return on the IRS website. Note that it can take up to three weeks after you mail or file your amended return electronically for it to show up on the system. 

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