Some People Will Receive Their Second Stimulus Payment by Debit Card

You May Receive Your Second Stimulus Payment by Credit Card

Some people will receive their second stimulus payment by prepaid debit card. Read on to discover the aspects you should keep in mind.

In fact, this method was already used in some cases to deliver the first round of Economic Impact Payments, also known as stimulus payments.

Keep in mind that the form of payment may vary between your first and your second stimulus payment. If you received your first payment by paper check you could receive your second payment via prepaid debit card. Conversely, if you received your first payment by prepaid card, you may receive it now by paper check.

You can use the online tool Get My Payment to check whether your payment has been mailed.

The prepaid debit cards arrive in a while envelope that displays prominently the seal of the Department of the Treasury of the United States. The envelope displays the statement “Not a bill or an advertisement. Important information about your Economic Impact Payment.”

What You Can Do With Your Card

The name of the issuing bank, MetaBank, N.A., appears on the back on the card while the name Visa appears on the front. Your card will allow you to do the following without having to pay a fee:

  • Transfer funds to a personal bank account
  • Make signature or PIN-debit purchases anywhere Visa Debit
  • Cards are accepted — in stores, online or over the phone
  • Get cash back with a PIN debit purchase where available
  • Get cash from in-network ATMs
  • Get a replacement EIP Card, if needed
  • Check their card balance online, through a mobile app or by phone

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