Essential Payroll Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Being able to properly manage our company’s payroll is an important skill that might take time and effort to master. After all, the last thing we want to do is make a mistake that affects our employees and their salaries. The consequences, even when manageable, could have a negative effect on our staff’s morale and motivation. Thus, we have gathered four essential payroll tips every business owner should know to successfully manage their remuneration records.

To begin with, we should always classify our employees properly, whether they are proper employees or contractors. Also, automating our payroll recording system will help us avoid making mistakes or entering the wrong information. Besides, accurately keeping track of our employees’ attendance and punctuality can be an effective way to avoid time theft. Lastly, staying updated in regards to payroll laws and regulations is one of the essential payroll tips we will cover.

Classify Your Employees Properly

One of the most important aspects when it comes to successful payroll management is workers’ classification. So, classifying them as employees or independent contractors is imperative, and we can’t just arbitrarily do this. This is because the wage and tax laws will be different, depending on the worker’s category.

For employees, we are required to collect and pay taxes, follow state and local minimum wage laws, and pay overtime wages if such is the case. Nonetheless, these do not apply for independent contractors, as they take care of their own taxes and negotiate their rates.

Payroll Automation Is Key

Depending on the size of our company, investing in payroll processing software might sound like an appropriate decision. If we have reached a point where the number of employees is enough to create processing complications, we shouldn’t ignore automating the process.

There are many advantages that come from investing in payroll software. Firstly, it will help us avoid human errors like typing in the wrong number, recording in the wrong spot, and even forgetting about someone. Besides, these programs can help us calculate and even pay payroll taxes.

Keep Track of Attendance and Punctuality

Keeping track of our employees’ attendance and punctuality is another one of the essential payroll tips we should always follow. This is particularly true for employees who work under an hourly wage and that can earn overtime wages by the hour. By doing so, we make sure we are not paying them less for the time they worked. Besides, it can help with bonuses, if we offer such benefits, of course.

Just like with payroll automation, using time tracking software is a great alternative that tends to be cost effective. Online software, for example, offers affordability and accessibility, which is quite beneficial if we work with remote employees.

Stay on Top of Payroll Updates

Last but not least, we need to make sure we are staying on top of any update regarding payroll laws and regulations. Local and state governments are constantly revising, modifying, and updating these laws, at least once a year. We want to make sure our company remains compliant with such laws, as violations could have severe consequences.

If we are payroll software users, the provider should update the programs whenever payroll tax laws change. However, the best way to stay on top of our payroll recording, regulations, and practices is by hiring a professional consultant. This will save us a lot of time and money, and help us remain compliant and informed.


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